Weiss Trophy

The Eric Weiss trophy is awarded to the winning pair at the annual meeting and elections event of the La Jolla Unit.

Eric Weiss was born in Romania in 1920. He studied mechanical engineering at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) in Zurich, Switzerland, but his studies were interrupted by World War II and as a result he emigrated to the United States and finished his studies at Caltech in Pasadena. He was interested in analog and digital computing devices, and after the War he became a pioneer in the logical design of some of the first large digital computers. Playing bridge was a life-long interest and recreation which began in his early teens and continued throughout his life. Eric and his wife Irma played duplicate bridge regularly in La Jolla, Ocean Beach and Pacific Beach, and traveled to Los Angeles and Phoenix for red point games. After the games, he enjoyed scoring because it gave him an overview of how the same hands were played by different people. The Eric Weiss trophy honors a person who loved and promoted the game of contract bridge until his untimely death in 1965.

2019 Maritha Pottenger Kent Hartman
2018 Jeremy Fields Linda Gu
2017 Maritha Pottenger Kent Hartman
2016 George Bessinger Kathee Bessinger
2015 David Oakley Gregory Chaffee
2014 Steve Cooper Kitty Cooper
2013 Rex Latus Sheila Latus
2012 Lynne Newman Randall Dougherty
2011 Debbie Gailfus Alan Gailfus
2010 Debbie Gailfus Alan Gailfus
2009 David Oakley David Walters
2008 Maritha Pottenger Gregory Chaffee
2007 Ron Fertig Dayou Zhou
2006 Diana Marquardt Steve Johnson
2005 Judy Rimer Norton Rimer
2004 Debbie Gailfus Alan Gailfus
2003 Gerald Lackner Alain Schreiber
2002 David Oakley Gregory Chaffee
2001 Pat Chapman Lynne O’Neill
2000 Bill Grant Ed Layton
1999 Roy Green Mary Green
1998 Phyllis Nostdal Margaret Brown
1997 Debbie Gailfus Alan Gailfus
1996 Leonard Sitongia Al Carsola
1995 Virginia Hastings Dewey Slough
1994 Wirt Gilliam Mark St. John
1993 Lynne O’Neill Pat Chapman
1992 Ruth Fortner Marian Lohmann
1991 Barbara Norman John Norman
1990 Larry Weiss Bob Klein
1989 Lynne O’Neill Bill Grant
1988 Larry Weiss Bob Klein
1987 Priscilla Mills Jeanette Carr
1986 Lena Jelusich Roger Doughman
1985 Leonard Vogal Mort Unger
1984 Bob Klein Larry Weiss
1983 Alice Lane Phil Michaels
1982 Ruth McPherson Mitz Roach
1981 Violet Berger Louis Berger
1980 Phyllis Yates Tom Evans
1979 Rebecca Bryson John Kissinger
Mitzi Rustad Regina Hicky
1978 Mary Ruth McCrory Veda Wyatt
John Kissinger Rebecca Bryson
1977 Andrew Campbell David Filman
1976 David Oakley Pauline Oakley
1975 Willodean Strimple Dick Middleton
1974 Peggy Evens Gwen De Jonge
1973 John Norman Barbara  Norman
1972 Frank Sweeney Helen Sweeney
1971 Ruth Alexander Alma Davidson
1970 John Strauch Joel Hoersch
1969 Evan Bailey David Weiss
1968 John Norman Barbara Norman
1967 Evan Bailey Robert Walsh
1966 Jim Hawkins Marion Hawkins