List of Hands

Title Tags
Five Ways to Make Five Double Dummy, Amusing
What is the Worth of AKQxxx? Probability, Simulation
The King’s Mistress Humor, Deception
The Bridge Goddess Thumbs Her Nose Probability
“Down Ten” John Humor
Necessary Shape Declarer Play, Endplay, Probability
The Self-Forced Declarer Card Play
Days of Thunder Book Review, Card Play, Middle Game
Shifting Forces Card Play, Middle Game
The Two-Six Dream Opening Lead Problem, Simulation
The Submarine Ruff Declarer Play, Probability
Suicide King Card Play, Middle Game
Curiously Wrong-sided Card Play, Suit Combination, Probability
Triumph of the Intermediates Double Dummy, Timing, Opening Lead Problem
Lady Lavender Card Play, Endplay, Squeeze
The Anti-Finesse Force Card Play, Forcing Defense, Trump Stack
Tricky Trump Defense Card Play, Endplay Avoidance, Middle Game
Criss-Cross Ruffing Clash Squeeze Declarer Play, Endplay, Squeeze
Trim Squeeze Declarer Play, Endplay, Squeezes
Risky Loser Discard Declarer Play, Simulation
Stiff Honor Lead Opening Lead Problem, Simulation
Safe Hand Endplay Card Play, Safe Hand
two of clubs soldier