“Luck Comes and Goes, Skill Comes and Stays”

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All My Writings about Contract Bridge and Other Stuff

Alice Leicht and Marvin French Alice Leicht and husband Marvin L. French

Contents (links on left):

  • My personal bidding handbook
  • My personal defense handbook
  • amBIGuous DIAMOND SYSTEM, designed for matchpoints
  • The SKELETON system, bare bones with few conventions
  • Squeeze Refresher, for good bridge players
  • Alerts, convention card, NABC Appeals, bridge laws
  • Party Bridge - contract bridge in the home or club
  • Bridge essays, articles, and selected conventions
  • Blackjack
  • Not About Cards - other subjects

All files are copyrighted but non-commercial use is authorized

Marvin French passed away in 2014 and his webhosting contract lapsed in 2015. Shortly after Evan Bailey passed away I told Marvin that I had vacuumed up a copy of Evan’s website so that I could re-host it after the webhosting contract lapsed. Marvin was happy to hear that and hoped I would do the same for him after he, “kicked the bucket.” So here you go, Marvin!

I have retained the Web 0.0 look and feel of Marvin’s website but I have cleaned up the underlying HTML code. The pages are now standards compliant HTML5 with Microsoft Word induced cruft removed, use tags as they are intended to be used, and contain appropriate metadata for web search engines. HTML articles have been reformatted for easier on screen reading and many files have been given more informative names. Much of Marvin’s content is in the form of PDF files. These are essentially unchanged except to systematically list Marvin as the author in the PDF metadata and in some cases to fill in the title metadata. Also many PDF files shrank considerably in size when upgraded from the ancient PDF generation tool that Marvin used to PDF version 8 using Acrobat Standard and will therefore load faster.

Matthew Kidd
La Jolla Unit webmaster